Power Swing Program

Get that power in your swing that you always have wanted. Building your strength and technique is what we make work for you. Build proper throwing mechanics and technique and learn proper injury prevention.



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The best hitters in baseball have powerful swings. You can have the best eye in the game, but if you can’t drive the ball out of the infield, you will quickly fall behind your competition.

Fortunately, power can be improved with our power hitting program. Our goal is turning the average hitter into a elite power hitter. The power swing program focuses on increasing power & explosiveness throughout your swing with specialized workouts that have been tested at the highest level to maximize your bat speed and power.Combined with batting practice and/or private lessons this is the recipe for success at the plate. The Power Hitting program has been designed to accommodate all ages 8 and up.

We have now combined the power arm program with the power hitting program. The program has been designed to teach proper throwing mechanics with an emphasis on protecting the arm from injury and maximizing potential velocity through a series of specialized workouts. This series of arm exercises is geared towards strengthening the throwing muscles in the shoulder/arm to maximize your athletes velocity while ensuring his arm will better avoid injury.

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