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About Us

As a former collegiate and professional athlete, I know that sports performance training is essential for the development of any athlete who aspires to play at the next level. With proper strength training and conditioning, athletes obtain the physical strength necessary to perform at their highest potential. Over the years of working with some of the top sports performance trainers in the country, I have acquired a multitude of athletic training experience that I can expose future athletes to in order to physically and mentally prepare them for their athletic careers. Here at Iron Spikes, we ensure to provide adequate sports performance training that can accommodate athletes at any performance level from youth to professionals.

During my baseball career I played with team USA winning the 2000 Pan American games against Cuba, played for Tony Gwynn at San Diego State University, was drafted and played three years of professional baseball for the Milwaukee Brewers. After my baseball career, I developed a passion for training and mentoring athletes to help them further their careers.