Power Hitting Program – Morning (Ages 10-12)




Discover power you never knew you were capable of. It’s pointless to go to showcases if your metric numbers are not ready to be showcased. The Power Hitting Program is scientifically-designed to increase bat speed and exit velocity. Players will go through a series of swing strength workouts. Each workout will include components of rotational and core strength. Measured Performance: Swing data is logged using cutting-edge technology through Rapsodo and Blast Motion. Hitters will receive instant feedback and be able to track their exact progress.

-Guaranteed to increase exit velocity 5-15 mph
-Over/Underload Training
-Increase Power Numbers
-Suggested for:
High school athletes getting ready for a showcase
Jr. high athletes moving up to a -3 bat

Morning Classes:
5x per week – M/T/W/TH/F 10:30-11:30AM

June 5 – June 30

July 3 – July 28


***This is a 4 week program***