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Strength Training

Why should athletes strength train?

With athletes constantly getting bigger faster and stronger, the need to implement an effective strength and conditioning program is greater than ever. One of the biggest benefits to strength training is the reduction of the chance of injury.

When practicing for a sport, you tend to use the muscles that are most commonly used in that activity; leaving other muscles that are not used as much vulnerable to weakness that can increase your chance of injury. Strength training helps to combat these muscle imbalances and ensure the athlete is in the best possible position to get bigger, faster, and stronger.

Also, when it comes to athletic performance, the athletes that are the strongest, can sprint the fastest, and can change direction the quickest are going to be the most successful. A well rounded strength and conditioning program will put the athlete in the best possible position to reach their peak athletic potential.

Our strength program – our strength program is focused towards getting athletes as strong as possible while simultaneously working to keep them healthy and on the field. Our program not only focuses on strength, but also mobility and sport specific movements to put the athlete in the best possible position to perform.

To compliment our strength program, our speed and agility program is geared towards helping athletes became as explosive and agile as possible. With the use of carefully selected drills and exercises, our program focuses on helping the athlete develop proper form and movements to maximize overall speed and agility and to continually get faster and more explosive.