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Iron Spikes is here to give your athlete the elite level training in speed, strength and private lessons that will help get them to the next level and elevate their game. We proudly offer multiple types of training, athletic rehab, physical therapy and private lessons.

Our training facility and trainers specialize in their fields and are not just instructors but are athletes themselves. Our programs are designed to help develop and grow your athletes abilities and stay current in today’s ever changing sports.

What We Do

Iron spikes offer baseball/softball players the opportunity to learn all aspects of the game from the best instructors in the area. Our goal is to provide affordable access to quality education and offer a dynamic, diverse, and supportive learning environment that prepares our aspiring athletes for personal success on and off the field.

What do we teach?

Speed & Agility
Strength Training
Athletic Prehab
Private Lessons and Athletic Development

Where Our Athletes Are Playing